2020 CPC and CPP Training Package Updates

The NEW Building and Construction and Property Services Training Package updates are coming soon! Be sure to plan for the project and secure your CPP and CPC Training Resources ASAP.


Is Your RTO Ready for The New 2020 CPC and CPP Qualifications?

Artibus Innovation has officially announced at their August 2020 meeting that the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has fully endorsed the 2020 release of the new Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package (Release 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) and the new Property Services Training Package (Release 11.0)! This means that the newest CPC and CPP Qualifications will soon be published on training.gov.au.

Building & Construction and Property Services training packages include some extremely popular and high-volume qualifications. Once these new qualifications are released, expect demand for the old course to fall off quickly as students will be seeking the latest qualifications…

The RTOs that adapt and bring the latest qualifications to market fast can potentially gain high volumes of enrolments from students looking for the new qualifications.

Be sure to plan out your new projects so you can secure the new CPP and CPC RTO Training Resources that you will need to prepare any applications for scope and/or bring the new qualifications to market.

What Changes in the CPC and CPP Training Packages Can My RTO Expect?

Here is a summary of the changes in the 2020 CPC and CPP training packages:

  • A total of thirty-nine (39) Qualifications have been updated or created.
  • Thirty-five (35) CPC Qualifications from the Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package will be updated or created.
  • Four (4) CPP Qualifications from the Property Services Training Package will be updated or created.
  • Many of the Certificate III projects have now been approved. The approval requires the removal of CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry as a core unit, and is dependent on core units included in other construction projects being approved.
  • Changes are subject to a final sign-off by the Skills Ministers.

The consultation process involved a range of stakeholders like training organisations, regulators, unions, industry associations, contractors, employers, employees, etc. Because of the involvement of industry stakeholders, changes to the training package are expected to be more responsive to the needs and changes in the industry.

The approved qualifications are from various industries or strands such as: bricklaying, block laying and stonemasonry, building design, painting and decorating, high risk work, building completions, building and construction, demolition, and construction pathways.

The New CPP and CPC Qualifications for 2020

Course Code Qualification Name
CPC10120 Certificate I in Construction
CPC20120 Certificate II in Construction
CPC20220 Certificate II in Construction Pathways
CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry
CPC30420 Certificate III in Demolition
CPC30620 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating
CPC30720 Certificate III in Rigging
CPC30820 Certificate III in Roof Tiling
CPC30920 Certificate III in Scaffolding
CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering
CPC31120 Certificate III in Steelfixing
CPC31220 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining
CPC31320 Certificate III Wall and Floor Tiling
CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing
CPC31920 Certificate III in Joinery
CPC32320 Certificate III in Stonemasonry
CPC32920 Certificate III in Construction Crane Operations
CPC33020 Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying and Stonemasonry
CPC40120* Certificate IV in Building and Construction
CPC40320 Certificate IV in Building Project Support
CPC41020 Certificate IV in Demolition
CPC50220* Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
CPC50320 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
CPC60220 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
CPC20720 Certificate II in Drainage
CPC32420 Certificate III in Plumbing
CPC32620 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting
CPC32820 Certificate III in Fire Protection
CPC40820 Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building
CPC40920 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services
CPC50520 Diploma of Fire Systems Design
CPC50620 Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design
CPC30120 Certificate III in Shopfitting
CPC30320 Certificate III in Concreting
CPP40120 Certificate IV in Residential Drafting
CPP50920 Diploma of Building Design
CPP60420 Advanced Diploma of Building Design
CPP80220 Graduate Diploma of Building Design

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The AISC ruled out that the CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry unit should be removed as a core unit from all construction qualifications.

The AISC directed the CPCCWHS1001 or “white card” unit be noted as a requirement for general induction and to gain access to a construction site. Meaning, the in-demand CPCCWHS1001 unit is very likely to remain popular to learners.

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What Does My RTO Need to Do Next?

This is the most significant update to the Construction training package in a decade. For RTOs currently delivering the soon-to-be-superseded qualifications, now is the best time to start planning addition to scope projects and securing training materials so you can hit the ground running as soon as these updates are published to training.gov.au.

For RTOs that are considering getting into these of training or expanding their scope with additional Construction and Property Services courses, this is a rare opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” of a major training package overhaul. Investing in training resources and adding these courses to scope now will maximise the time you have to deliver the new qualifications before the next update – and get the most return for your investment.

Some RTOs will wait until the end of the teach out period and try to update to the new qualifications “last minute.” Consequently, these RTOs miss the opportunity to be one of the first RTOs to bring the new courses to market and capitalise on the inevitable student demand for the latest courses. After all, who wants to spend potentially thousands of dollars and 1+ years studying just to gain a superseded certification? Students want the latest courses to maximise their investment in training!

If you’re looking to get training and assessment materials that you can use ASAP to make the most out of the update, then good news! We develop CPC training resources, and we could already have the resources you are looking for or have them in development now.

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