The Latest BSB Training Package Version 7.0 Is Now Here

The 2020 BSB v7.0 has been released on, and it is causing a seismic shift in the VET industry. Secure your RTO training materials now to adapt to the latest BSB Version 7.0!

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The NEW Business Services Training Package update version 7.0 (BSB v7.0) is now on and it is causing a massive seismic shift in the Vocational Education and Training industry. This BSB v7.0 is one of the most substantial updates to the Business Services Training Package in years. 

The latest BSB update affects a large number of Registered Training Organisations and is one of the most popular areas of training with students (and thus highly profitable)This means that RTOs must prepare for the changes as soon as possible if they don’t want to get left out by the competition of if they want to service the large student demand for the new BSB v7.0 qualifications and units. 

To give you a quick idea of how much the BSB Training Package has been heavily updated, read on to the next section: 

Overview of the BSB v7.0 Training Package Changes

  • 33 New Qualifications 
  • 62 Removed or Deleted Qualifications  
  • Qualifications consolidated 
  • 303 updated or new units of competencies in the latest BSB update 
  • 560 removed or deleted units of competencies in the new BSB v7.0 update 
  • Many highly in-demand qualifications are now “Not Equivalent” to their previous versions 

With these massive changes to the BSB training package, it would be beneficial for RTOs to pre-order their new RTO resources ASAP so they can prepare ahead of the competition, or even get the chance to be the first to market the NEW BSB v7.0 qualifications to students. 

Want to get RTO materials for the new BSB qualifications? Choose from our list below and get them ASAP.  

NEW 2020 BSB v7.0 RTO Materials Packages 

Simply click on the links below to get redirected to our product pages. RTO materials for units of competencies are also available. 

If you want to get RTO training materials and assessment tools that you can use ASAP, then good news! you can get the NEW 2020 BSB resources when you pre-order. Pre-ordered packages are marked down massively.  

Remember to enquire – we could already have the training resources you are looking for or have them in development now.  

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