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AUR Training Materials for Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training

Dive into a realm of excellence with our meticulously curated AUR training materials crafted to revolutionise your automotive retail, service, and repair training delivery. Our AUR training resources come with an unlimited student licence, editable format for simple contextualisation, have detailed mapping to unit requirements and are comprehensive to meet volume of learning requirements.

Gear up for success with our range of AUR RTO resources, covering various qualifications and units of competency from the AUR training package.

Discover Our Diverse Array of AUR Training Resources

Uncover a treasure trove of AUR learning materials and assessment tools designed to meet the evolving needs of your students and training programs in the AUR training package.


Elevate Your RTO with Our Quality AUR RTO Materials

Our AUR resources adhere to industry standards and cater to a spectrum of student needs in the automotive retail, service, and repair training package. With these compliant learning resources, access feature-rich AUR RTO materials and assessment resources, including:

  • Unlimited Student Licence: Train an unlimited number of students without the worry of growing per-student fees.
  • Detailed Assessment Tools: Assessment tools with detailed instructions, multiple methods, and supplementary documents empower students to showcase their knowledge effectively.
  • Mapping Matrix: Comprehensive mapping documents simplify the alignment of unit and assessment criteria within AUR RTO learning resources, ensuring seamless compliance.
  • Editable Digital Format: Seamlessly contextualise and customise the AUR RTO learning materials and assessment resources to match your student’s needs.
  • Great for Any Mode of Delivery: Easily print and edit resources, upload to your LMS or convert to another format. Ideal for in-person, online or blended training delivery.

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Comprehensive AUR RTO Training Resources

Gear up for success and navigate the road to training excellence with our resources. Enquire about our AUR RTO learning materials now for more information, a quote or free samples – we look forward to hearing from you!