BSB10115 Certificate I in Business – Assessment Tools Only

BSB10115 Certificate I in Business – Assessment Tools Only

Enquire Now to Get Latest Pricing, Samples and Info! Deliver premium BSB10115 Certificate I in Business qualification training services with this Assessment Tools package from Precision Group! This assessment tool kit includes:

  • Student Assessment Workbook – with assessment tasks for the student
  • Assessor Assessment Workbook – with benchmark answers, mapping, and instructions for the assessor
  • Access to Simulated Business Resource “Bounce Fitness” – templates, documents, business files and other resources to support your training delivery

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  • Unlimited User/Student License
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Assessment Tools for BSB10115 Certificate I in Business

The BSB10115 Certificate I in Business Assessment Tools package allows you to assess your students’ competency for this sought after qualification. These resources are designed and written to comply with Australian competency standards for assessment tools and include mapping documentation for each unit in your BSB10115 Certificate I in Business assessment tool package.

This assessment tools package makes it much easier for your RTO to get your course up and running, matched with learner resources you create yourself, or the textbook of your choice. We also offer matching learner resources to go with your BSB10115 Assessment Tools – just let us know you’re looking for a complete package and we’ll be happy to quote on a complete package of training and assessment materials.

Since these assessment tools are mapped, you’ll easily be able to find and demonstrate the evidence gathering methods it uses to address all units in your BSB10115 Certificate I in Business assessment package.

Structure for BSB10115 Training Materials

To make sure you can design the right packaging for your RTO, your assessment resource package is offered with a choice of elective units!

There is one set of assessor assessment book and student assessment workbook supplied per unit of competency in the BSB10115 Certificate I in Business package. This means your RTO will be able to select units and deliver more specific training outcomes. This package includes assessment tools for 6 units of competency.

These assessment materials are editable, so you can also modify the context of questions or change the assessment tools to match your training style.

Simulated Virtual Workplace – Assists with Delivery to Learners with No Workplace

Access to the Simulated Online Workplace “Bounce Fitness” is included with your BSB10115 Assessment Tools. Your students will be able to access the sample workplace documents at will, making it easier for your RTO to help students complete their assessments. This website hosts a huge number of training resources including policies and procedures, templates, case studies, business documents, and simulated client files.

This makes it easier for you to deliver training to your students even if they don’t have an actual workplace or if there are confidentiality concerns around their workplace’s documents that would normally prevent them from accessing and submitting work files for assessment. Most assessments from the Precision Group catalogue include a simulated assessment pathway (with a small number of exceptions).

We supply unlimited student access codes for this online resource with your BSB10115 assessments. You are free to request more as needed for your growing student body with no additional fees. These codes will create an account that’s valid for 12 months from the first login.

Unlimited Student License

The Assessment Tools are supplied on an Unlimited Student License. You may distribute these materials digitally through your LMS, USB key or another secure digital medium that suits your RTO. You also have the option to print the assessment tools for your students.

Developer, Licensing, and Support

This learning resource was written and is maintained by Precision Group (Australia), and sold under an agreement by TotalVET Training Resources. Licensing and support for these assessment materials will be provided by Precision Group (Australia).

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Learn more about the BSB10115 Certificate I in Business qualification and packaging on its BSB10115 page.

For more information about student outcomes, average course prices, and training pathways check the BSB10115 MySkills page.

Please note we do not provide any training services. We provide training and assessment materials for the BSB10115 qualification direct to Registered Training Organisations.


BSB10115 Certificate I in Business Assessment Tool License

RTO resources developed by Precision Group Pty Ltd are provided for a “One-Off” License Fee with Unlimited Students – meaning you pay one upfront fee and there are no ongoing per-student or annual license fees.

Precision Group’s One-Off BSB10115 Assessment Tool License Fee includes:

  • Unlimited student license (NO additional per-student fees)
  • No ongoing fees for use of the assessment tools
  • Access to the simulated workplace resource Bounce Fitness (one login per student, each login works for 12 months after creation)
  • Use of the assessment tools for the lifetime of the unit/qualification release + 12 months teach out period
  • Improvements made within the qualification/unit release are supplied to existing clients free of charge
  • New releases of qualifications/units and other materials will be available for additional fees
  • Assessment Workbooks & Assessor Assessments are delivered in Word Format can be uploaded to your LMS or printed, and are brandable & editable
  • Your RTO resources are delivered in digital format (Word, PDF, PowerPoint etc) via a secure download link for easy use and distribution

Please read the Terms of Sale for Precision Group products prior to ordering. A license agreement accepting these terms must be signed and returned prior to delivery of your BSB10115 Assessment Tools.

Product Support

BSB10115 Assessment Tool Support

Our assessments have been written to the unit requirements and we are confident that they will meet audit requirements. Every auditor does have their own interpretation of the standards, so Precision Group also offers a rectification assistance guarantee on these RTO resources. This applies in the event you do run into any issues with the Precision Group assessment tools at official regulatory audits by ASQA and state-based VET regulators.

Please read the Terms of Sale for Precision Group products for more information about Precision Group product support and rectification assistance.


BSB10115 Assessment Tool Publisher

TotalVET Training Resources is proud to partner with Precision Group (Australia) to market and distribute this package of BSB10115 Certificate I in Business RTO materials! This BSB10115 Certificate I in Business package was developed and is maintained by Precision Group (Australia).

Licensing and support for the BSB10115 assessment tools package will be provided by the publisher.