RTO Training Materials for FSKRDG005 Read and respond to simple and familiar workplace procedures

Get the latest 2019 release FSKRDG005 Read and respond to simple and familiar workplace procedures
 RTO training resources from one of Australia’s leaders in RTO training resource developers! Your training materials from RTO Learning Materials helps you deliver and assess this unit of competency for the NEW Foundation Skills training package.

This is the NEW 2019 qualification endorsed to AISC and published on the National VET register in October 2019.

Your new FSKRDG005 training resources package typically includes:

  • Learner Guide
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Workbooks
  • Mapping Document
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Your FSKRDG005 also comes with these features:

  • REBRAND to promote YOUR RTO!
  • Print AS MANY COPIES as you like

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Get this premium training resources for the Latest FSKRDG005 Read and respond to simple and familiar workplace procedures
unit here! This FSKRDG005 training resource package for RTOs was developed by RTO Learning Materials, a trusted publisher of VET learning materials.

FSKRDG005 Learning Resources and Assessment Tools

This package includes training and assessment materials to assist your RTO to deliver the unit FSKRDG005 either as a standalone course, skillset, or as part of a complete vocational qualification.

Your FSKRDG005 training package, comes with:

  • Learner Guides– learning content for your students to study to assist with completing the course
  • Assessment Tools– written to the unit requirements and tested in training.
  • Assessment Benchmarks– including a clear standard for your assessors to assess student submissions against
  • Mapping Document– including mapping of unit requirements against assessments to help you demonstrate compliance or conduct validation
  • PowerPoint Presentations– teaching strategy that is designed to present key learning points with the use of images, topic heading and key content notes

Current, Quality Learning Content

Our FSKRDG005 gives you the latest RTO training resources developed by Subject Matter Experts and validated by industry experts to ensure your course content is constantly update-to-date, relevant to industry, and uses language appropriate for your learners.

This training resources are designed to help your RTO deliver skilled graduates equipped with the latest industry training practices which makes them highly desirable employees that are ready to “do the job” from day one!

Learner Guides

Your FSKRDG005 comes with Learner Guides which serves as a self-contained training resource that does not require third-party textbooks for your students to complete their training. You are free to supplement the learning materials with additional texts and readings to assist your students to complete the unit.

Learner Assessment Workbooks

Your assessment tools for FSKRDG005 has been developed and validated by subject matter, and industry experts. This has been reviewed by industry professionals to ensure that all learner assessment workbooks are written to meet all training and compliance requirements set for Registered Training Organisations and principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

Trainer Assessor Assessment

Your FSKRDG005 RTO training materials gives you detailed benchmark answers and evidence criteria which is a basic requirement of your compliance. The simple to understand trainer assessor assessment can be contextualised to meet current workplace requirements.

Your FSKRDG005 includes detailed benchmark answers and evidence criteria. It is created using the latest and most relevant workplace requirements and contains language that is appropriate to vocational education and training sector.

Mapping Documentation

Your FSKRDG005 comes with a comprehensive mapping matrix that clearly maps each task against unit requirements. Give your students the maximum benefits of enrolling in your RTO training, mapping documents lets you map each task against all units of competency and training requirements.

Unit by Unit Format

The RTO learning resources come in a unit by unit format, meaning the set of documents covers just the FSKRDG005 unit. This allows you to incorporate this one unit into many different qualifications or mix and match electives to design different versions of a course specific to the needs of your learners.

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, including qualifications that include this unit, elements and performance criteria, performance evidence, knowledge evidence, and assessment conditions.

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Rectification Assistance
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This FSKRDG005 training resource is supplied ‘as-is’ and does not include a rectification assistance guarantee. The RTO is responsible for making any modifications and contextualisation required of the materials and ensuring compliance at audit.

RTO Learning Materials is happy to take any feedback on the training materials and incorporate them into future revisions of the training resource, but are not able to make immediate changes to materials on request. The materials are typically supplied in editable format so the RTO is able to make any adjustments and modifications to the materials that they wish.

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This training resource was originally developed, licensed and maintained by the publisher RTO Learning Materials.

Please check the licensing tab for full licensing conditions and terms and conditions of sale of this training resource.

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FSKRDG005 Samples

The publisher is still compiling samples of the FSKRDG005 training materials at this time. To see samples of the training and assessment materials, simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll be happy to prioritise creation of samples of this unit for your review.

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FSKRDG005 Read and respond to simple and familiar workplace procedures
Training Materials License Terms

Resources from the RTO Learning Materials catalogue are provided with a “One-Off” License Fee with Unlimited Students – meaning you pay one upfront fee and there are no ongoing per-student or annual license fees!

RTO Learning Materials Training Resources’ One-Off FSKRDG005 Unit Resource License Fee Includes:

  • Unlimited student license (NO additional per-student fees).
  • No ongoing fees for use of the resources.
  • Use of the resources for the lifetime of the unit/qualification release + 12 months teach out period.
  • New releases, resource updates and other materials will be available for additional fees.
  • Assessment Tools can be uploaded to your LMS or printed, and are typically editable.
  • Learner Guides can be uploaded to your LMS or printed, and are typically editable.
  • Resources are delivered in digital format (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint etc) for easy distribution.

This training resource was developed, licensed and distributed by RTO Learning Materials, see Term of Sale here.

Please note that NO rectification assistance guarantee is supplied with this training resource product.

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FSKRDG005 Unit

This package of training materials includes learning and assessment resources for the unit FSKRDG005 Read and respond to simple and familiar workplace procedures
. We offer additional units from theses training package in this publishers catalogue, so please get in touch if you are looking for anything else from this range of educational resources.

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