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RII RTO Materials & Training Resources

Ready to advance your RTO? TotalVET Training Resources is your trusted partner for expertly crafted RII RTO materials designed for compliance and empower student success. We recognise the ever-changing nature of the education landscape. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of RII RTO resources to meet your students’ dynamic needs.

Our commitment to compliant learning resources and excellence is unwavering. Explore our comprehensive catalogue and supercharge your training programs with quality RII learning materials.

Explore Our Extensive Range of RII RTO Materials


Our RII Training Resources’ Amazing Benefits

We tailor our RII learning resources following the latest resources and infrastructure industry training package requirements, industry standards, and diverse student needs. Partnering with TotalVET Training Resources offers:

  • Editable digital format for easy contextualisation and customisation, tailoring content to meet your students’ specific needs.
  • Assessment tools equipped with detailed instructions, multiple assessment methods, and supplementary documents, empowering students to effectively showcase their acquired knowledge.
  • Comprehensive mapping documents outlining how unit and assessment requirements are met within the RII learning resources and assessment tools, simplifying the process of ensuring all criteria are fulfilled.
  • Unlimited student licence allowing you to train an unrestricted number of students without incurring additional costs.
  • Record of Assessments enabling assessors to confirm and sign off on the completion of assessments, ensuring adherence to the required standards.
  • Optional e-Learning resources featuring interactive elements and narrated course content, fostering engaging training for students to study at their own pace.

These RII RTO training resources aim to enhance your RTO’s training quality and compliance.

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Nurture Your Learners’ Skills With Premium RII RTO Learning Resources

Our mission extends far beyond the mere fulfillment of formal requirements. We dedicate ourselves to developing resources that ensure your RTO remains at the vanguard of industry advancements. By selecting our RII training materials, you equip your RTO with the indispensable tools necessary to ensure the success of your students.