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SIS Training Materials for Sports Fitness and Recreation Training

TotalVET Training Resources offers a wide array of SIS learning materials for RTOs, providing training for the sports, fitness, and recreation (SIS) training package. We design our SIS RTO training materials with compliance and ease of use in training in mind to support your RTO in delivering exceptional education for students interested in the fitness industry.

Our extensive selection of Sports, Fitness, and Recreation (SIS) RTO learning materials is designed to meet the demands of your students and compliance requirements of regulators. We provide SIS training resources covering a wide range of qualifications and units of competency.

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Our sports, fitness, and recreation (SIS) RTO training resources encompass the following features:

  • Unlimited Student License: Train any number of students without additional costs.
  • Comprehensive Learner Guides: Enhance training with practical exercises, assessments, and presentations included in our SIS materials.
  • Detailed Assessment Tools: Equipped with detailed instructions, multiple assessment methods, and supplementary documents, empowering students to effectively showcase their acquired knowledge.
  • Mapping Documents: Comprehensive mapping documents outlining how unit and assessment requirements are met within the SIS assessment tools and learning resources, simplifying the process of ensuring all criteria are fulfilled.
  • Editable Digital Format: Easily contextualise and customise SIS RTO resources to suit your students’ needs.
  • Simulated Business Website: Provide real-world context for students with a simulated intranet site filled with workplace documents and templates and heaps of role-play scenarios.
  • Optional e-Learning Resources for your SIS Training Materials: Boost engagement with interactive content, self-marking quizzes, and audio narration.
  • Record of Assessments: Enabling assessors to confirm and sign off on the completion of assessments, ensuring adherence to the required standards.

These features of our SIS RTO learning resources collectively empower your RTO with flexible and effective learning and assessment solutions.

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We take great care to ensure that our sports, fitness and recreation RTO resources and SIS training materials consistently adhere to rigorous compliance standards and remain abreast of the most recent advancements in the field. When you choose to access our SIS RTO materials, we pledge to provide your RTO with the essential training and assessment resources needed to ensure student success.