RTO Training Materials for SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services

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Stay current: Address specific skill gaps and offer training that is up-to-date and relevant, ensuring that your RTO and students remain on the cutting edge.

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SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set Learning Resources

Secure top-quality training materials from one of Australia’s leading training resource providers—Precision RTO Resources. These training materials for SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services have been developed using a rigorous validation and quality assurance process, ensuring you get the best quality resources.

The SITSS00097 RTO course materials include the following features:

Learning Resources

  • Trainer Manual
  • Learner Resource
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Learning Resource Mapping Tool
  • Simulated Business Website

Assessment Tools

  • Assessor Assessment Pack
  • Learner Assessment Pack
  • Assessment Mapping
  • Forms and Checklists

e-Learning Resources

  • Interactive Content
  • Narrated Course Content
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Plug-and-play, Out-of-the-box Resource

Enjoy free updates for the lifetime of your SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services training resources which include regulatory changes, compliance updates, and customer feedback.

With Precision’s unlimited student licence, train unlimited students with skill set RTO materials without paying recurring fees.

Customise and contextualise SITSS00097 skill set resources with their editable digital format to meet RTO Standards.

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SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set RTO Training Materials

Streamline your RTO’s learning process with Precision RTO Resources’ comprehensive SITSS00097 learning materials that have undergone rigorous validations and quality assurance process. Meet volume of learning requirements and provide benchmark assessments with top-quality RTO Trainer Manual and Assessor Assessment Pack.

Your new SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services learner resources include:

Trainer Manual

Assess student competency and identify areas for improvement with our time-saving trainer manual featuring formative test answers.

Learner Resources

Save time meeting training needs with well-researched learner resources with references, examples, and engaging visual aids.

PowerPoint Presentations

Boost retention and save your trainers time with interactive presentations featuring images, references, and keynotes mapped to unit requirements.

Learning Resource Mapping Tool

Unit requirements are mapped to the learner resources, PowerPoint presentations and assessments, providing advanced support when undertaking validation or being audited.

Simulated Business Website

Enable unemployed students to easily complete training activities, and save your RTO time and money with our comprehensive business sites.

Your new SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services assessment tools include these features:

Assessor Assessment Pack

Save evaluation time with the assessor assessment pack, featuring benchmarks and instructions for identifying learners’ competent performance.

Learner Assessment Pack

Help guide students with the learner assessment pack offering clear instructions, resources, and assessment activities for evidence provision.

Assessment Mapping

Streamline validation and auditing with detailed assessment mapping for tasks and activities to unit requirements to prove units of requirement have been met.

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SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set e-Learning Resources

Improve your training with engaging e-Learning resources that increase student engagement and knowledge retention.

Interactive Content

e-Learning content that matches SITSS00097 training & assessment resources, with customisable interfaces for seamless integration with existing resources

Narrated Course Content

Narrated audio content improves engagement and knowledge comprehension, particularly for those with LLN needs

Easy Installation

Quickly Install your SCORM/HTML5 e-Learning resources on popular LMS platforms (such as eSkilled LMS, Moodle, Canvas) with plug-and-play.

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Rectification Assistance
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SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set Rectification Assistance Guarantee

Precision RTO Resources’ SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set RTO materials and RTO learning resources include a rectification assistance guarantee for any non-compliance issues found during official regulatory audits.

If necessary, we will assist with rectifications and provide a free updated tool within 20 business days upon receiving a copy of your official audit result.

For urgent concerns, contact us immediately after receiving your audit report.

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About Precision RTO Resources (PRR)

Precision RTO Resources, a leading provider of BSB training resources in Australia’s Vocational Education and Training industry, offers experts-developed top-quality SITSS00092 Visitor Information Services Skill Set RTO materials and RTO learning resources and professional and experienced consultants to meet your training needs.

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SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set Training Materials Licensing Terms

Secure RTO materials from Precision RTO Resources with a one-time upfront payment so you can train unlimited students without any ongoing fees.

The one-off SITSS00097 RTO resource license fee also includes the following:

  • Unlimited student licence (no additional per-student fees)
  • No ongoing fees for the use of the resources
  • Free updates for existing clients that include regulatory changes and compliance updates
  • Additional fees apply to new releases and materials
  • A 12-month post-superseding usage allowed for your current students

Learn more about Precision RTO Resources’s terms of sale here before you purchase RTO materials from them.

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SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services Skill Set Units of Competency

The SITSS00097 Visitor Information Services skill set has the following units of competency:


  • SITEEVT021 Process and monitor event registrations
  • SITEEVT026 Manage event production components

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