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SITTGDE016 Lead tour groups RTO Training Materials

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These SITTGDE016 Lead tour groups RTO learning materials are written following industry best practices, and they go through rigorous validation and subject matter expert review processes, so you get the best training RTO materials possible.

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Your new SITTGDE016 Lead tour groups RTO materials package includes:

  • Learner Resources
  • Trainer Manual
  • Learning Activity Workbook
  • PowerPoint
  • Mapping Tool
  • Access to Virtual Workplace Resources (where applicable)
  • (Optional) e-Learning Resources

Your RTO training materials package will address the latest regulation, technology, and techniques in the industry and will support your RTO in delivering the latest SITTGDE016 Lead tour groups unit!

This unit is included in the following qualifications:

  1. SIT30122 Certificate III in Tourism
  2. SIT40122 Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
  3. SIT50122 Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

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