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TAE RTO Training Materials & Training Resources

Explore the TAE RTO materials available at Total VET Training Resources. We collaborated with industry leaders to craft all our TAE resources to ensure your RTO empowers students with the essential skills required to excel in the training and education industry.

Elevate your course portfolio in training and education with our comprehensive TAE training resources. Invest in student growth by equipping them with our meticulously curated TAE training materials.

Check out our TAE RTO materials catalogue and find exceptional training materials to boost your training delivery!

Exceptional TAE RTO Training Resources to Level Up Your Training


Our TAE RTO Materials’ Amazing Benefits

Elevate your training standards with our distinguished TAE RTO learning materials for training and education—the epitome of educational excellence. Our TAE resources offer a comprehensive array of advantages:

  • Editable Format: Customise resources to cater to your students’ unique needs, ensuring a personalised and effective learning journey.
  • Simulated Work Environments: Help learners easily complete training activities through various workplace documents and role-play scenarios that provide hands-on experience.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Tools: Equipped with detailed instructions, multiple assessment methods, and supplementary documents, empowering students to effectively showcase their acquired knowledge.
  • Detailed Mapping Documents: Simplify the process of validating that all unit and assessment requirements are met in your TAE RTO materials, ensuring a seamless educational journey.
  • Unlimited Student Licence: Provide training to as many students as you want without incurring additional costs.
  • Record of Assessments: An additional document enabling assessors to confirm and sign off on the completion of assessments, ensuring adherence to the required standards.
  • Optional e-Learning Resources: Immerse your students in interactive, self-paced content featuring narrated courses that make learning an enriching experience.

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Nurture Your Learners’ Skills with Premium TAE Training Materials

Supercharge your RTO with our cutting-edge TAE RTO training resources, meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with the most up-to-date TAE training package. Our unwavering commitment to compliant learning resources and rigorous quality standards upgrades your RTO and propels student success.