RTO Training Materials for TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport Car Driving Instruction)

TotalVET Training Resources are now taking expressions of interest in the TLI41218 RTO resources. Our team at TotalVET Training Resources will be developing these RTO resources provided there is sufficient demand for them and it’s viable to do so.

The training and assessment resources will go through rigorous validation and review processes to ensure you get high-quality training materials.

Call us now to express your interest in our resources or to get samples and a resource walkthrough!

Your new TLI41218 training materials package will include:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessor Guides
  • Mapping Documents
  • PowerPoints
  • Virtual Workplace Resources
  • Optional e-Learning Resources

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TLI41218 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport Car Driving Instruction) RTO Training Resources

These TLI41218 RTO training materials will help you deliver quality training to your students. They will incorporate industry best practices and will go through meticulous validation and development processes by instructional design professionals.

These resources will have critical training and compliance features to help you save money, secure your training organisation’s registration, and make your team’s life easier.

TLI41218 RTO Learner Guides

The learner guides have tons of up-to-date information for your learners to study. Because of our learner guides’ highly detailed nature, students will potentially need less support from your trainers to understand the learning requirements and complete their assessments.

You are free to contextualise or adjust the resource with imagery, language, and any extra information specific to your RTO or the context in which you will be delivering training – we deliver the training and assessment materials in editable format for this reason!

Our learner guides align with our assessment tools, so the content and language are consistent. They will be critical for your students’ success in the course.

TLI41218 RTO Assessment Tools

Our TLI41218 RTO assessment tools help you deliver assessments in a classroom or self-paced/online learning environment. These tools use a range of assessment methods to help you deliver a really robust and compliant version of this course. The materials are ideally suited to a workplace delivery pathway for the strongest compliance, and can also be simulated where allowed by the unit requirements!

Your RTO resources are also editable, giving you the flexibility to modify and contextualise the tools to suit your organisation’s delivery style. You can rebrand the tools or otherwise modify them to best suit your RTO’s unique needs.

TLI41218 Assessor Guides

Assessor Guides may include assessor instructions, competency mapping and specific benchmark answers to help your assessors make quick, accurate assessments of competence. Your new assessor guides will contain clear instructions so your assessors will be able to get up and running as quickly as possible, and make consistent and valid assessment judgements.

You can make additional changes and modifications to the training materials to better suit your training and assessment strategy!

TLI41218 Mapping Documents

The mapping document will help you find and demonstrate where unit requirements are assessed in the training materials. This valuable tool will help you to undertake validation and contextualisation of your training resources as required by the Standards for RTOs.

The mapping document will also provide a guide so you can show auditors where the elements and assessment requirements are met in the tools.


We provide PowerPoint presentations for every unit of competency in our RTO training packages. They will include a summary of essential learning points to support students’ learning to support your trainers to deliver the units in the classroom or via webinar delivery. These can be added to, modified and adapted as needed to suit your training requirements.

Virtual Workplace Resources

This TLI41218 training package may include essential workplace documents such as supplemental images, policies, procedural documents, and more!

These workplace documents are essential for students that may not have access to a real workplace. Simulated workplace documents help students complete assessments and prepare for work in real workplace environments.

TLI41218 e-Learning Resources (Optional)

Our e-Learning resources complement our digital TLI41218 RTO resources. These e-Learning resources will contain engaging course content and help you deliver a premium training experience to your learners.

They are plug-and-play compatible with most popular LMS platforms and are HTML5/SCORM compliant.

RTO Compliance

To ensure the compliance of the materials, we will be developing the TLI41218 RTO training materials following the standard processes and industry best practices. It will address the latest regulations, technology, and techniques in the industry.

Please fill out our online form and submit an enquiry now for more information and samples of our RTO training materials! We are taking expressions of interest only at this point, but will be happy to discuss your requirements and your enquiry will help to set our future direction of development.

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