The NEW 2020 CPC Version 5.0 Training Package Update Is Out Now!

The NEW 2020 CPC version 5.0 training package update is now out! Get your new CPC RTO resources now to deliver training for the new qualifications.

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The NEW 2020 CPC Version 5.0 update has just been released on and many popular qualifications and units in the CPC training package have superseded! These massive changes came after the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) endorsed the CPC v5.0, v6.0, and v7.0 and the CPP v11.0 projects at their meeting in October. 

The Construction, Plumbing and Services (also known as Building & Construction) training package includes high-value qualifications so you can expect a surge in student demand for the new 2020 CPC qualifications. To make the most out of the upcoming student demand for the new qualifications, you must first learn the changes and acquire all the new CPC v5.0 RTO resources that you will need. 

To give you a quick overview of the changes, please read the summary below. 

Summary of the New 2020 CPC Training Package Update

  • A total of thirty-nine (35) Qualifications have been created. 
  • Three (3) Qualifications were removed or deleted
  • A qualification has been updated
  • A total of 527 units of competencies have been added to the new training package!

These are just some of the massive changes that came with the 2020 CPC training package updates.   

Check below to see the new CPC RTO training materials that are popular right now. 

2020 CPC RTO Resources

We are currently developing the latest new 2020 CPC RTO training resources, and you can now pre-order these popular RTO resources: 

We are also taking expressions of interest for other CPC training resources. To view the table of 2020 CPC (andCPP) qualifications that are set to be released, please check out this article now: 

More RTO training materials are in development. Get in touch now to check the availability and development timeframe of the products. You can also visit our online shop to view our extensive range of RTO resources. 

If you’re interested in getting the latest CPC RTO training materials, please don’t hesitate — Call us NOW at 1300 822 599 or enquire at [email protected] 

Looking for anything else? We also offer RTO resources for qualifications and units from other training packages including the BSB, CHC, CPC, FNS, ICT, HLT, MEM, PMA, RII, SHB, SIR, SIT, TAE, TLI, and UEE training packages (among many others). 

Supplementary Links About the 2020 CPC Training Package Updates

There are official postings about the 2020 CPC training package updates. Click on the links below to access the official postings and to see more information  

View details of the AISC October communique here – 

Construction, Plumbing and Services CPC Training Package updates on Artibus – 

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