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Explore Our User-Friendly Simulated Business Sites

Unlock the full potential of your training programs with our resource-rich simulated business sites – your premier tool for simulated training. They offer a host of benefits designed to streamline your training processes, enhance the learning experience, and provide a comprehensive solution for registered training organisations like you!

Easily navigate our user-friendly platform to access heaps of workplace documents and role-play scenarios, giving your learners the additional resources they need to complete assessments. The access cost is included in the standard RTO training materials fee, available for the entire unit’s lifetime, with single login credentials to simplify student access, making management hassle-free.

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How Our Simulated Business Sites Support Training

Time and Effort Savings

Say goodbye to the tedious task of developing your own documentation and simulated business sites. Save considerable time and effort and focus on delivering quality training to your students.

Support for Unemployed Students

Empower unemployed students by providing them with an easy-to-access platform to complete their assessment. Our simulated business sites make it easy for learners to complete various activities, ensuring a smooth transition from theory to practical application.

Ideal for CRICOS RTOs

Tailored for CRICOS RTOs whose students may not be employed due to visa requirements, our platform addresses the unique challenges faced by these institutions. We understand the importance of accommodating diverse student needs.

Confidentiality Risk Reduction

Mitigate confidentiality risks by utilising our simulated business website instead of actual workplace documents. Our platform values security and privacy, allowing students to engage with realistic scenarios without compromising sensitive information.

A Safe Place for Learning

Provide a safe space for students to learn and make mistakes without the stress of real-world consequences.

Explore Our Simulated Business Sites

Simulated business sites accompany many of the units and qualifications published by TotalVET Training Resources, Compliant Learning Resources, Precision RTO Resources & RTO Learning Materials. Here’s what you can expect from these immersive, engaging simulated sites:

  • Flexible Access: Our simulated business sites function just like any other website, granting your students access anytime, anywhere.
  • Varied Documents: Enjoy diverse documents for comprehensive education, including meeting minutes, forms, templates, agendas, organisation charts, role descriptions, case studies, policies, procedures, role play scenarios and more!
  • Real-world Documentation: We meticulously ensure our documentation mirrors real-world standards, providing an authentic learning experience aligned with the Standards for RTOs 2015.
  • Unlimited Access: Train as many students as needed throughout the licensing period.

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Our Range of Simulated Business Sites

Accountability Now

For FNS Simulated Training

Awesome Landscapes

For BSB Simulated Training

Cascade Peak School

For CHC Simulated Training

Cascade Peak Training Institute

For TAE Simulated Training

Lotus Compassionate Care

For CHC Simulated Training

Sparkling Stars Early Years Learning Centre

For CHC Simulated Training

Cascade Peak Construction

For CPC Simulated Training

The Continent Hotel

For SIT Simulated Training

Bounce Fitness

For SIS Simulated Training

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