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We have training and assessment resources for thousands of Units of Competence and Hundreds of Qualifications! Launch high-value new courses, using our quality RTO resources and competency based assessment tools. Enhance your learning and compliance, reduce your cost of delivery, and provide the best training experience for your students. Use our learner resources to engage your students. Increase your completion rates with our RPL assessment tools and training resources for RTOs. We have the largest range of learning resources Australia has seen!

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  • Unlimited Student License
  • Engaging Learner Content
  • Editable Assessment Tools
  • Virtual Workplace
  • Learner Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessor Guide
  • Mapping Documents

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Do You Need to Buy RTO Learning Resource Products?

You have come to the right place!. We are Australia’s largest Online Shop for RTO materials. Our expert staff will provide you with professional advice and service, to ensure that you receive recommendations that meet your RTO training package needs! We partner with RTO resource publishers and providers across Australia, to bring you the most comprehensive range of training materials for RTOs available. With thousands of training products across the major training packages, we are sure that we have the training and assessment resources that are the perfect fit for your registered training organisation! Whether you need training resources for trainers, or quality competency-based assessment tools we, are here to help.

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Training Resources for RTOs

With so many RTO resource publishers to choose from, you are bound to find the learning materials you are looking for! totalVET provide you with the opportunity to buy RTO training products across an incredible variety of packages. Get engaging learning resources with quality and compliant assessment tools for your RTO today. Many of our training resources are 100% customisable and features such as:

  • Audit Gurantees
  • Unlimited Student Licence
  • Learner Resources
  • Assessor Guides
  • Mapping Documents
  • Editable Assessment Workbooks
  • Simulated Workplaces
  • RPL Kits

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Custom Course Development

Need new course resource developed? Have old tired resources that need compliance review and updates? Why not have our team of experienced Instructional Designers write your new, engaging and compliant training resources, and assessment tools today! Course Training Resources include:

  • Learning Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Mapping Documents
  • Assessor Guides
  • Support Resources
  • LLN Tools

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RTO Consultants

Speak to our RTO consultants about your needs today, Our VET experts can assist you with:

  • New RTO Registration
  • Audit Recitications
  • Validation
  • Compliance Audits
  • RTO Management
  • Extension to Scope Application
  • RTO Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Advice

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RTO Training Materials and Competency Based Assessment Tools

TotalVET Training Resources provides your organisation with everything you need to train and assess your learners. You will find thousands of engaging learning resources and quality competency-based assessment tools. We have the largest range of educational materials in Australia, covering most RTO Training Packages. This catalogue grows weekly, as we constantly add new RTO training products and providers to our extensive range. That’s right! TotalVET is the largest provider of Vocational Education and Training materials in Australia. We truly are your “One Stop Shop” for RTO Materials!

Whether you need RPL Kits, Learner Resources, Text Books, Assessment Tools, Assessor Guides or Mapping Documents, you can find it all at totalVET Solutions. If you can’t find the learning resources or assessment tools you are looking for, feel free to ask us about custom development. Our team of experienced instructional designers can assist you in developing quality, compliant and engaging RTO resources.

Contact us today to discuss your learning resource customisation or development needs. We will help you to provide your learners with an experience they will enjoy and remember for years to come. Contact our team for your RTO resources today!

Course and Traning Resources For Almost EVERY Training Package!

We have RTO Training Resources for Thousands of Units of Competency, Hundreds of Qualfiications and over Thrity Training Package Areas. If you need Course Materials, we are here to get you up and running with Learner Guides and Assessment Tools for most course areas. The include the following Training Packages:

  • AHC – Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management (Release 3.0)
  • AUR – Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package (Release 5.0)
  • AVI – Aviation (Release 4.0)
  • BSB – Business Services (Release 3.0)
  • CHC – Community Services (Release 3.0)
  • CPC – Construction, Plumbing and Services (Release 4.0)
  • CPP – Property Services (Release 7.1)
  • CUA – Creative Arts and Culture (Release 4.0)
  • FNS – Financial Services (Release 3.1)
  • FPI11 – Forest and Wood Products (Release 2.3)
  • FWP – Forest and Wood Products (Release 4.0)
  • HLT – Health (Release 4.1)
  • ICT – Information and Communications Technology (Release 4.0)
  • LGA – Local Government (Release 3.0)
  • MEM – Manufacturing and Engineering (Release 1.2)
  • MSA07 – Manufacturing (Release 8.4)
  • MSF – Furnishing (Release 4.0)
  • MSM – Manufacturing (Release 4.0)
  • MSS – Sustainability (Release 2.0)
  • PMC – Manufactured Mineral Products (Release 1.0)
  • PSP – Public Sector (Release 2.0)
  • PUA12 – Public Safety (Release 2.1)
  • RII – Resources and Infrastructure Industry (Release 3.0)
  • SHB – Hairdressing and Beauty Services (Release 3.0)
  • SIH11 – Hairdressing (Release 2.0)
  • SIR – Retail Services (Release 3.0)
  • SIT – Tourism, Travel and Hospitality (Release 1.2)
  • TAE – Training and Education (Release 2.1)
  • TLI – Transport and Logistics (Release 5.0)
  • UEE – Electrotechnology (Release 1.0)
  • UET – Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector (Release 2.1)

Why Choose TotalVET Training Resources?

When it comes to Vocational Education and Training (VET), TotalVET Training Resources has it all! You no longer need to suffer the disappointment of endless hours of searching, only to realise you’re unable to find what you need. Registered Training Organisations, TAFEs and Universities around Australia now utilise our “one-stop shop” for all their training material needs.
No one has a larger range of RTO Materials! TotalVET brings together training resource publishers from across Australia to one location, so you can find what you need, when you need it. You can now stop scouring the world for learning materials to deliver your Vocational Education and Training courses. TotalVET Training Resources provides your RTO with everything you need to train and assess your learners. Find engaging learning resources and quality competency-based assessment tools from Australia’s leading publishers of Quality VET resources. Get that new course up and running faster and speak to the TotalVET team today!

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