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RTO Consulting Services from Experts With a Proven Track Record

If you need assistance from expert RTO consultants in any area of RTO operations, you have come to the right place! Our RTO consulting services partner can help you with:

  • Initial RTO registration
  • Initial CRICOS Registration
  • Existing RTO Compliance
  • Compliance Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Change of Ownership Application
  • ASQA FVRA Tool
  • Renew Registration
  • Changes to RTO/CRICOS Scope
  • Audit Ready Approach
  • Meet Data Provision Requirements
  • RTO Compliance Checklist
  • General Consulting
  • ASQA Performance Assessment
  • Guidance on Validation Process
  • Business Plans
  • Website Design & Compliance
  • Professional Development

With ASQA increasing its focus on compliance and the ever-increasing complexity for RTOs to meet these requirements, our RTO consulting services partner will assist your RTO in navigating risk to ensure that your training organisation has a clean bill of health. Being proactive in meeting compliance obligations is critical to your RTO’s survival.

Avoid unnecessary ASQA sanctions and action! Let us assist you with providing your organisation with a compliance health check and action plan today!

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Why Engage Our RTO Consultant Services?

Our consulting partner has a team of seasoned VET professionals with methodologies, compliance systems and processes that are proven effective. They have been implemented and improved across countless RTOs and are proven to stand the rigor of ASQA audits. As the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, and we see this all too often when our RTO consultants conduct their audits. So many RTOs are training without a care in the world when, in actual fact, their house is far from in order, and they are at serious risk should ASQA come knocking.

Rectifications found at audit can often take considerable time to resolve, and the time to start this process is now, not when your RTO’s registration is at risk! Avoid ASQA sanctions, move to the front foot, and have our RTO consultants assist you in your compliance journey today!

Our RTO consulting services will assist your training organisation with all aspects of RTO operations and compliance. Remove the risk and have us assist your RTO with compliance from our RTO management experts!

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