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We offer a wide range of high-quality RTO training resources – qualifications, units, RPL kits, LLN tools, and other RTO resources to purchase from Australia’s leading resource developers.

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What Can You Expect from Our Resources?

In addition to developing and publishing great resources, TotalVET Training Resources partners with leading publishers and developers across Australia to provide you with the best RTO resources to support your training delivery.

Exceptional Learning Resources

These RTO learning resources are in-depth, comprehensive, learner-ready, and designed with compliance in mind to ensure the highest quality of training. These will support the learning process of your students as they are packed with everything your students need to prepare for assessment and complete the course.

Completely Editable

The fully editable digital format allows you to customise your training materials based on your organisation’s requirements and needs.

Unlimited Student Licence

With these RTO resources, you can teach as many students as you want without worrying about recurring fees. Save more, train more.

Remarkable Assessment Tools

Help your assessors in conducting seamless assessments with detailed assessor guides, comprehensive assessment resource mapping, complete assessment workbooks, observation forms, and assessor’s checklists.

Suitable to Any Delivery Method

Access your RTO resources whenever you want! Print as many copies as you want or upload them to your LMS. These RTO resources are perfect for face-to-face, online, or blended training delivery.

Access to Simulated Business Workplace (where applicable)

Let your students have first-hand workplace experience through role-play scenarios, policies and procedures, minutes of the meeting, and more!

High-Quality RTO Resources

TotalVET Training Resources offers heaps of amazing training resources and incredible assessment tools with useful compliance tools and features.

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We offer a huge range of quality e-learning RTO resources from eSkilled. eSkilled’s e-learning training materials include:

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Interactive elements and learning activities to keep students engaged

Desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility for greater flexibility

Online learning broken into bite-sized sections to help students digest what they learn

A mix of audio narration and visual instructions to accommodate varying learning styles and visual impairments

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