Quality, Custom Course ReADDIE - analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluationsource Development

Can’t find the Learning Resources you need? Sick of using poorly developed Non-Compliant “Off the Shelf” resources and need them rectified? Why not talk to one of our Resource Coordinators about getting your very own, custom developed training materials and course resources. We partner with Australia’s leading learning resources publisher Compliant Learning Resources, to produce the best quality RTO training resources for your organisation.

The Compliant Learning Resources team of experienced instructional designers, work with you to design a course you will be proud to own and deliver.  Using the world renowned “ADDIE” instructional design method they ensure that their resource development process follows best practice QUALITY processes and meets your precise needs.

What Can We Develop For YOU?

Let us assist you in producing quality Learning Resources and Assessment tools you can be proud of. Compliant Learning Resources are experienced in producing VET resources to meet any need including:

  • Assessment Tools
  • Learner Guides & Other Learner Resources
  • PowerPoint Slides & Other Resources to Support Classroom Delivery
  • eLearning Resources

Whether you need RTO Training Resources for a Unit of Competence, Qualification, Accredited Course OR simply require learning resources for corporate training or soft skills, we can help.

ADDIE Instructional Design Method

Quality training resource development must follow a quality process. Compliant Learning Resources use the ADDIE Instructional Design Method. By clicking on the link provided you can read about their instructional design process in detail. In short, ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate. These stages all ensure that proper planning and process is under taken to determine your exact requirements and that your training and assessment resources and developed meticulously to meet competency requirements as well as your organisational needs.

ADDIE Instructional Design Model - Diagram

Partnering With Subject Matter Experts

Although Complaint’s Instructional Designers have experience writing across a vast range of training packages and subject matter, they always identify and work directly with subject matter experts in the development of any new training product. Subject matter experts guide the process from start to finish to ensure that your new training resource is industry current and relevant. This process ensures that you end up with training materials that follow “real world” best practice and deliver your learners the knowledge and skills required to get the job done right.

Clustered OR Unit by Unit Design

True instructional design professionals understand the benefit of clustering units of competence to reduce duplication of common content that often exists across like units. Compliant can assist your organisation to produce more efficient course design and reduced assessment marking for your assessors.

Training Package Resource Development

We can custom develop training resources and learning and assessment tools for any training package, including:

  • ACM10 – Animal Care and Management
  • AHC – Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package
  • AMP – Australian Meat Processing Training Package
  • AUM – Automotive Manufacturing
  • AUR – Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package
  • AVI – Aviation Training Package
  • BSB – Business Services Training Package
  • CHC – Community Services
  • CPC – Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package
  • CPC08 – Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package
  • CPP – Property Services Training Package
  • CPP07 – Property Services Training Package
  • CSC – Correctional Services Training Package
  • CUA – Creative Arts and Culture Training Package
  • CUF07 – Screen and Media Training Package
  • CUL11 – Library, Information and Cultural Services Training Package
  • CUS09 – Music
  • DEF – Defence Training Package
  • DEF12 – Defence Training Package
  • FDF10 – Food Processing
  • FNS – Financial Services Training Package
  • FSK – Foundation Skills Training Package
  • FWP – Forest and Wood Products Training Package
  • HLT – Health
  • ICP – Printing and Graphic Arts
  • ICT – Information and Communications Technology
  • ICT10 – Integrated Telecommunications Training Package
  • LGA04 – Local Government Training Package
  • LMT07 – Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package
  • MAR – Maritime Training Package
  • MEA – Aeroskills Training Package
  • MEM – Manufacturing and Engineering
  • MEM05 – Metal and Engineering Training Package
  • MSA07 – Manufacturing Training Package
  • MSF – Furnishing Training Package
  • MSL – Laboratory Operations
  • MSM – Manufacturing Training Package
  • MSS – Sustainability
  • MST – Textiles, Clothing and Footwear
  • NWP – National Water Training Package
  • PMA – Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining
  • PMB – Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking
  • PMC – Manufactured Mineral Products
  • POL – Police Training Package
  • PPM – Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Industry Training Package
  • PSP – Public Sector Training Package
  • PUA12 – Public Safety Training Package
  • RGR08 – Racing Training Package
  • RII – Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package
  • SFI11 – Seafood Industry Training Package
  • SFL – Floristry Training Package
  • SHB – Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package
  • SIB10 – Beauty Training Package
  • SIF – Funeral Services
  • SIR – Retail Services Training Package
  • SIR07 – Retail Services Training Package
  • SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package
  • SIS10 – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package
  • SIT – Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package
  • SUG02 – Sugar Milling Training Package
  • TAE – Training and Education Training Package
  • TLI – Transport and Logistics Training Package
  • UEE11 – Electrotechnology Training Package
  • UEG11 – Gas Industry Training Package
  • UEP12 – Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector Training Package
  • UET12 – Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package

Alternatively, you can view Complaint Learning Resources full list of “off the shelf” Learning Resources, by clicking on the link provided. They have a comprehensive selection that spans many different training packages.