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Affordable CPC RTO Training Materials for Construction and Plumbing Training!

Explore our comprehensive range of top-quality training CPC RTO materials tailored for construction and plumbing. Our team of VET experts designed these sought-after certifications and unit packages for the CPC training package, with compliance and student engagement front of mind. Find out what sets our CPC RTO resources apart below.

Acquire Superior CPC Training Resources to Supercharge Your Training Delivery


What Sets Our CPC Training Materials Apart?

Our meticulously crafted CPC learning materials are designed to make life easier for your trainers, boost compliance and student engagement.

Here are the benefits included in our comprehensive construction training resources:

  • Editable CPC Training Materials: Easily contextualise and customise with editable document formats.
  • Simulated Business Sites: Provide a safe space for students to practice without real-world consequences and enable unemployed students to easily complete training activities with our intuitive sites.
  • Engaging CPC RTO Training Materials: Our CPC resources follow a show-tell-do format, to guide students through their learning journey systematically, and include a mix of text, imagery, infographics, and helpful additional resources.
  • Streamlined Compliance: Detailed mapping of all learner and assessment resources included in our CPC materials aids with effortless validation and compliance.
  • Unlimited Student Licence: Enjoy cost-effective training with no limits on the number of students.
  • CPC e-Learning Resources: Enable greater flexibility and access a larger potential student base with online learning. These optional extra e-Learning materials for CPC RTO learning resources are interactive and compatible with almost any learning management system.

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Discover how our CPC compliant learning resources and RTO materials have transformed training and education for Australian RTOs.

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