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e-Learning Training Materials

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Get out-of-the-box e-learning training resources for your RTO! These e-learning materials are ready to plug-and-play with many of the most popular LMS systems on the market today.


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Your new e-learning tools will include:

  • Narration of the learning content
  • Each unit is broken into bite-size chapters for easy study
  • Interactive elements
  • Highly compatible, plug-and-play e-learning format
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Easy installation in Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and other popular e-learning platforms
  • Tested with eSkilled’s own Moodle-based LMS platform
  • Editable files to further customise and modify to suit your requirements

You’ll benefit from:

  • Enable your students to study anywhere, any time – ideal for our modern on-demand-everything society.
  • SAVE literally thousands of dollars in e-learning development PER UNIT!
  • Shortcut your time to market with a full suite of e-learning materials by months or years

These e-learning resources match with the assessment tools created by our partner publishers Precision Group, Compliant Learning Resources, and others. We can set up a complete package of training and assessment resources to suit your needs.

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Don’t have your own LMS?

If your RTO does not have an LMS you can still access this amazing e-learning content! eSkilled also runs a Moodle-based Learning Management System and licenses access to RTOs. 

Visit eSkilled to learn more about their LMS system. 

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