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SHB RTO Training Materials for the Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package

Do your SHB RTO materials need a makeover? Elevate your hairdressing and beauty services training with SHB RTO training materials designed to make life easier for trainers and to boost compliance and student engagement! Our SHB training materials are developed in partnership with industry experts to ensure current and industry relevant best practices.

Explore our range below to find out how our CHC training resources can give your training a ‘glow up’!

Quality SHB Training Materials for Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training


Reap Amazing Benefits with Our SHB Learning Materials

Energise your training delivery with our SHB RTO training resources, meticulously crafted to make life easier for your trainers, ensure compliance and boost student engagement. Our unwavering dedication to uncompromising quality will leave you assured your SHB learning materials are a cut above the rest.

Our SHB RTO training resources deliver:

  • Editable Format: Easily customise and contextualise our SHB RTO Learning Materials.
  • Engaging SHB Training Materials: Our SHB resources follow a show-tell-do format, to guide students through their learning journey systematically, and include a mix of text, imagery, infographics and helpful additional reading.
  • Detailed Mapping: Simplify the validation and compliance process with detailed mapping to all SHB learning and assessment resources.
  • Compliance Peace of Mind:
  • Our SHB training materials:
    • Include an audit rectification guarantee (T’s and C’s apply)
    • Undergo a rigorous quality assurance process
    • Are comprehensive to meet volume of learning requirements
  • Keep Costs Low: Train as many students as you like with an unlimited student licence and if you’re a returning customer, you’ll enjoy discounted pricing on the latest version to assist with transition.
  • Add on e-Learning Training Resources: As an optional extra, secure interactive SHB e-Learning resources to deliver more flexible training to an extended target market.

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