BSBPMG636 Manage benefits

Order the 2020 release of the BSBPMG636 Manage benefits RTO training resources from one of Australia’s leading training resource developers!

Our BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training resources bundle comes complete with:

  • Learner Guides – with learning content for students to study before attempting the assessment tasks
  • Assessment Workbooks – containing clear instructions for students to complete the summative assessment
  • Assessor Guides – with assessor instructions, assessment benchmarks, competency records, and mapping notes
  • Assessment Mapping Documents – detailed master mapping matrix showing where all unit requirements are met

This is a premium RTO materials package which includes the quality and compliance features RTOs now need to keep up with compliance obligations.

This unit is part of the following Qualification/s:

  • ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology

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