UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

UEE30811 RTO Resources

Secure new UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician RTO training resources developed by a well known Australian RTO and tested in day to day training and compliance! Your new UEE30811 RTO materials package will typically include:

  • Assessment Tools (typically includes a range of assessment types like Assignments, Practical Observations, Written Questions, Exams, Third Party Verification)
  • Session Plans (proposed delivery plan for blended training in the classroom)
  • PowerPoint Presentations (to support webinar or classroom course delivery)
  • Workplace Documents (forms, templates, and other documents to support learning and course delivery)
  • Mapping Documents (showing where unit requirements are covered in the assessment tools)

These RTO training materials are available for delivery “as-is, where-is” right now for a heavily-discounted license fee, and will undergo further quality updates and improvements over time (and will increase in price accordingly). This is an amazing opportunity to acquire training materials for hard to find and highly sought after qualifications in the UEE training package for the best price. Enquire now for more information about this catalogue of vocational training resources. Simply fill out the form for more information, pricing and samples of the UEE30811 training materials!

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Get RTO Training Resources

  • Unlimited User/Student License
  • Comprehensive Mapping Documents
  • Amazing, Dynamic Learning Content
  • Quality, Detailed Assessment Benchmarks

UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician Training Materials

Get sought after UEE30811 RTO resources so your RTO can deliver and assess the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician qualification here!  This RTO training materials package was developed and tested by a major RTO in real life training and assessment and is now being made available to Australian training organisations to support your course delivery. Get the training materials to deliver critically needed Electrotechnology training services!

These UEE30811 resources are delivered “as-is, where-is” and are the perfect starting point to create your own unique training resource for the UEE30811course. Short-track your time to getting the UEE30811 course on scope and delivering training by months, if not years!

We can also split up this qualification into individual units so you can select just the units you need, so contact us today for more information, samples and a customised quote on your training materials package. We have a huge range of units from the UEE training package and many other training packages available.

Inclusions vary from unit to unit, but will typically include:

  • Assessment Tools – developed to the unit requirements and tested in training.
  • Assessment Benchmarks – including a clear standard for your assessors to assess student submissions against
  • Mapping Document – including mapping of unit requirements against assessments to help you demonstrate compliance or conduct validation
  • Session Plan – outline of how the tools were designed to be delivered in the classroom to help you develop your own unique delivery plan
  • Templates, Forms, Examples – some units include additional documents to support learning and training delivery and assessment
  • Learning Resources and Other Readings – some units include learning resources or additional readings to support learning
  • PowerPoint Presentations – to support classroom or webinar delivery of the course, or can be handed out as an extra learning resource for students

This is a unique catalogue, so please contact us to get the most up to date and complete matrix with a break down of the specific resources and training materials available for each unit of competency in the package. The UEE30811 resources will be supplied “as-is” and may require some updates, editing, and documents to be created to complete the package. RTOs will also want to rebrand the materials prior to use. The resources have been significantly discounted on this basis until the publisher can complete their own comprehensive rebranding and update project, so get in now and save!

For more information about the UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician qualification, including currency, course outcomes, elements and performance criteria, performance evidence, knowledge evidence, and assessment conditions, check the official page hereUEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician.

Please note we do not provide any training services. is the official government site for more information on course prices and training providers for this course.

UEE30811 RTO Training Resources and Assessment Tools

UEE30811 Assessment Style

These UEE30811 RTO resources have been designed to be used in blended training delivery, including some face to face instruction or activities to be completed in the classroom plus self-paced learning at home. The materials are designed for practical assessment tasks to be completed through observation in a real workplace environment or training facility with appropriate equipment and scenarios available.

It is possible to adapt the UEE30811 RTO materials to suit a wide range of training delivery styles depending on how your RTO intends to deliver the course – including fully self-paced online, full classroom, webinar, workplace delivery and more. The materials are mostly in editable format (some are supplied in PDF format or may be password protected which we are happy to assist with removing) so you can make your own modifications and contextualise the tools.

RTO materials in this catalogue use a range of assessment methods, and may include:

  • Practical Observations
  • Assignments
  • Exams
  • Tests
  • Written Questions
  • Case Studies
  • Scenarios
  • Third Party Verification
  • Record of Assessment
  • And more!

Note these assessment tools do not include a fully simulated assessment pathway but can be adapted and modified by your RTO to suit simulated assessment delivery.

UEE30811 Learner Guides

Some RTO training materials from this publisher are supplied with Learner Guides, E-Books, PowerPoints and other Readings or Learning Resources that supplement or replace the Learner Guides. You are also free to supplement the learning materials with additional texts and readings to assist your students to complete the UEE30811 course. Please contact us for more information about your selected RTO resources and the specific inclusions in this package.

UEE30811 PowerPoints

Most units of competency from this catalogue include PowerPoint slides to support your classroom or webinar based training delivery. These UEE30811 PowerPoints can also be used as an additional Learning Resource – for example, you can print and distribute them in the classroom, or convert to PDF and distribute to students via your LMS. These PowerPoints are editable so you may adjust the content, branding and imagery to suit your RTO, training style and industry needs.

UEE30811 Session Plans

Most units in the UEE30811 materials package are supplied with session plans for blended delivery of the unit. This means you can see how this RTO resource has been used in classroom-based plus self-study training delivery and gives you a starting point to develop your own unique training delivery style.

UEE30811 Mapping Documents

You will receive a mapping document with your UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician RTO training materials. Your mapping document is a valuable tool to help you conduct validation as part of your ongoing obligations as a Registered Training Organisation. This is also important at audit to assist you to find and show your auditor where competencies are assessed in the training materials.

Other Supporting RTO Resources

Many units of competency from this catalogue include other supporting materials such as forms, templates and extra readings to support your training and assessment delivery.

Unit by Unit Format

The UEE30811 learning resources come in a unit by unit format, meaning each set of documents covers one unit of competency. This means you can easily modify your UEE30811 course materials packaging with different electives to achieve different learning outcomes and adapt your training to the client or industry needs.

This format is preferred by some students as they can complete all requirements for a single unit of competency and get a statement of attainment even if they don’t complete the full qualification. It also makes it easy to deliver gap training when a student can achieve part of this qualification through recognition of prior competency.

A unit by unit format is also ideal for funded training delivery where funding is paid on each unit of competency completed by the student. This means you can progress your students through the course a unit at a time and ensure regular funding payments for your training organisation.


These RTO resources are currently heavily discounted and delivered as they were acquired from the RTO. The publisher, TotalVET Training Resources, is in the process of reviewing and reformatting the materials to a consistent style and branding.

Our initial analysis shows the RTO training materials are quite good, especially in comparison to most commercial training resources on the market. The materials are supplied on the understanding that there may be gaps or missing documents that require additional development and we make no claims about the compliance of these training resources.

As with any training materials you purchase from ANY resource publisher, we recommend validating and rectifying the materials prior to use to make sure you are confident in the compliance of the RTO resources and take the time to align the materials with your Training and Assessment Strategy.