UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service

UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service

Get your package of RTO training resources to deliver the popular UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service qualification!

Your new UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service Assessment Tools and Learner Guides Package comes complete with:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Tasks
  • Competency Records
  • Benchmark Answers
  • Assessment Mapping

Your UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service training materials will be supplied on an unlimited student license, so you are free to deliver and assess training to as many students as your RTO enrols with no additional licensing fees.

You will receive resources in editable Word format so you are able to make essential modifications for your RTO’™s compliance. Materials will be branded with your logo prior to delivery.

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Get RTO Training Resources

  • Unlimited User/Student License
  • Comprehensive Mapping Documents
  • Amazing, Dynamic Learning Content
  • Quality, Detailed Assessment Benchmarks

Your new UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service learning resources are designed with a range of premium features for your trainers, assessors, compliance staff and students. Quality UEE11 – Electrotechnology Training Package learning resources and Assessment tools are hard to come by and these resources will fast-track your RTO’s process to get this qualification on scope.

Materials from this catalogue are developed for a blended delivery style and include practical learning and assessment tasks. We’re happy to provide samples of these training resources on request. Simply fill in the form with your details and we’ll be happy to supply more information, unit lists and samples of the materials.

You can find more information about the UEE32111 qualification package including unit choices, qualification outcomes and packaging rules on

About These UEE32111 Resources

These UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service resources were developed by one of the biggest RTOs in Australia and as such have been well and truly road-tested with real students and at ASQA audits. The RTO was wound up in mid-2017 due to financial issues after losing VET-FEE HELP funding, however, they did have huge training resource development team, a massive catalogue of training materials and a good audit and student track record.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer these road-tested training resources to RTOs across Australia for heavily-reduced license fees, meaning you have a rare opportunity to secure hard to find training resources for a fraction of the cost of development from scratch.

These qualification packages typically need just a small amount of work to complete any missing observation forms, benchmark answers, or other materials, and can short-cut your development timeframes by months or even years (saving you tens of thousands of dollars!).

This means you can apply for scope of registration, start marketing courses and begin delivering training much sooner than you expected – massively reducing your expenses and opportunity cost to launch this new qualification.

RPL assessment kits are available for many qualifications in this catalogue, so speak to us about getting RPL assessment materials to fulfil your obligations to provide an RPL pathway for all courses on your scope of registration.

Unlimited Student License

Deliver and assess UEE11 training to as many students as you want using the UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service RTO training resources!

This package is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license. This means there is just a single upfront license fee and no more fees to pay to use the materials for the life of the qualification, no matter how many students you train.

Assessment Mapping

Quickly and easily find and demonstrate where Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence and other assessment requirements are found in your new UEE11 training materials! The mapping matrices you will receive with your UEE32111 RTO resources are an essential compliance tool and invaluable when you are audited.

Unit by Unit Learning Resources

This UEE32111 RTO training materials package was developed in a unit by unit format, meaning there is a set of learning and assessment workbooks per unit of competency.

You can select from a range of elective units to design your own UEE32111 packaging to meet the needs of your learners. In most cases, we are able to supply a choice of elective units for qualification packages in this catalogue so you can get training materials to fulfil your desired packaging of the UEE32111 qualification.

Editable Assessment Tools

Your UEE32111 training resources will be delivered in digital format, and assessment materials are normally in fully editable Word format. Some information documents supplied to support training and assessment may be in PDF or other appropriate file formats.


UEE32111 Licensing Conditions

Your UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service RTO training resources package is provided on an unlimited student digital license.

The licensing conditions for your UEE32111 materials are:

  • Unlimited student license.
  • You have the option to print or distribute materials to your students digitally with no additional fees.
  • Most materials will be supplied in editable Microsoft Word format. Some files may be provided in PDF or other file formats as appropriate.
  • Training and assessment materials can be edited and contextualised for your learner cohort and compliance needs.
  • Materials can be printed or uploaded to your LMS for delivery to students.
  • No resale or distribution of the materials to other organisations (except official regulatory bodies).
  • The training materials are supplied “as-is” and the purchaser is responsible for implementation and ongoing development and maintenance of the training resources.

UEE32111 Units of Competency

As part of your new UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service RTO training materials package, you will receive all available training and assessment materials for 31 units of competency.

When you enquire now, we will supply you with a matrix of electives available for the UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service qualification, including what training materials (learner guides, assessor guides, assessment workbooks and other training resources) are included for each unit.

Product Support

Warranties and Guarantees

These resources have already been heavily discounted due to the incomplete nature of some of the tools provided in this training materials package.

Whilst we are confident in the quality of the assessment tools supplied, we also want to make it clear that there are gaps in the assessment tools for some units and it is the RTO’s responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the standards for RTOs prior to delivering the course or applying for addition to scope applications.

Validation and contextualisation of training materials to your RTO’s needs and training style is a vital compliance process for any training resource you purchase from any resource developer.

We make no claims to the compliance of these tools and no warranties or guarantees are supplied with these training resources.


UEE32111 Samples

We are happy to supply samples of units from this catalogue of UEE11 – Electrotechnology Training Package training resources for you to review before investing in this package.

Please contact us on 1300 822 599 or email [email protected] to request samples of the UEE32111 RTO training materials and we’ll be happy to email some to you.


UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service Developer

This UEE32111 Certificate III in Appliance Service RTO training resource was developed by Careers Australia and is now owned by RTO Training Materials. Whilst Careers Australia had issues with their practices around recruitment and VET-FEE HELP funding, it was a solid and strong business well regarded by the state government department in QLD in terms of audit history, training and support.

Careers Australia had a large team of professional instructional designers creating training resources for many niche qualifications and units for government and industry funding, meaning their catalogue contains training resources that are normally not financially viable for commercial training resource development companies to create. This catalogue is a rare opportunity to get off-the-shelf training resources for hard to find units and qualifications.

We are excited to be able to partner with RTO Training Materials make these UEE32111 training and assessment materials available to Registered Training Organisations, TAFEs and other training providers Australia wide.