RTO Training Materials for Video How to Learn – Brain Friendly Series

Learning How to Learn

Motivate your students and enhance their learning abilities with the Learning How to Learn video series by respected teaching expert Laurie Kelly! With just a single purchase, your students can now have unlimited and full access to all videos in this series. 

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and fulfil your RTO’s obligations under Guideline 1.7 of the Standards for RTOs. Secure this supplementary resource and potentially improve your RTO’s completion rate! 

6 Reasons to Get the Learning How to Learn Video Series  

  • Enjoy full access to all 14 ready-to-use videos without any limit! Plus, you can easily upload them to your LMS for a fuss-free distribution that’s accessible to your students. 
  • Give your students supplementary support and carry out your RTO’s obligations under clause 1.7 of the Standards of RTOs 
  • Help your learners retain lessons better and remember them permanently with research-based and professionally produced videos. 
  • These engaging but informative short videos are jampacked with activities and actions so your students can test and practice their newly acquired skills. 
  • Potentially improve your RTO’s completion rate by helping your students study more efficiently and be laser-focused on their education, hence successfully finishing their training in your RTO. 
  • Backed by decades of experience, Laurie Kelly has experience in both face-to-face and online delivery. His tips and techniques are applicable to both settings and have been proven effective.  



What Comes with These Learning How to Learn Video Series? 

  • 14 downloadable videos 
  • Additional resources and activities for each video 

What Will Your Students Get? 

  • Tips and tricks on how they can efficiently learn. 
  • Discover how to significantly increase their reading comprehension with a shorter reading time. 
  • Preparing the mind before studying to help the brain know where it should focus on. 
  • Knowing and understanding themselves better to discover which environment suits and allows them to study better. 
  • Fun and easy notetaking to help the brain remember better. 
  • Knowing how to de-stress the mind. 
  • Developing memory recall to learn lessons by heart. 

A Look at the Course Overview 

Video 1: Introduction Video  

Get a glimpse and understand the series with the first video. It’s a complimentary episode that gives you a quick look into the series and sets your expectations about the whole video lesson.  

Video 2: Each of Us is Unique 

Find out which learning style suits you better with video number two! This episode helps you identify which style works for you and offers 14 tips on making learning easier. 

Video 3: Making Sense of Your School Experience 

Know the tendencies of your left and right brain in this video. It also includes looking back at your school days and how they helped or hindered a student’s learning capabilities. 

Video 4: Doing It Your Way 

With the help of this episode, you can discover how emotional, physiological, sociological, and psychological preferences impact student learning. 

Video 5: Old Thinking Can Propel Us Forward or Hold Us Back 

Learn how your old ways or belief systems affect learning. Laurie also discusses what happens in the brain and how to reassess your mindset to reach learning success. 

Video 6: Setting Yourself Up for Success 

Acquire impressive and powerful techniques to get into the “curious state” so you can grasp information longer and better. 

Video 7: Note Taking with the Brain in Mind 

Taking notes doesn’t have to be a bore. Learn different ways to take notes and how to make them memorable, fun, and effective using your brain and own style. 

Video 8: Mastering Time to Work for Us 

No one can control time, but you can condition your brain to use time in ways that could benefit you. Laurie also takes on how your students can maximise their study time. 

Video 9: Revision and Long-Term Retention 

Although retaining information help, it’s not enough. Mastering how you can retrieve lessons in your control and at will makes a huge difference. Laurie examines how our brain works during tests, revisions, and when we try to remember information. He also offers tested revision techniques and proven study tips to support long-term knowledge retention to 87% to 90%. 

Video 10: Assignments on Time and on Purpose 

Know how to manage stress and pressure during writing assignments. Get effective strategies on how you can help your students submit their assignments on time and on purpose. 

Video 11: When Will Power is Not Enough 

Do you find studying exhausting? Find out ways how you can strengthen your mental fitness to make learning an exciting experience. 

Video 12: What Top Students Do and Visualisation 

Are you curious about the ways and techniques of top students? Learn about it in this video. Look into what drives learners to success and how to condition yourself for it. 

Video 13: The Skill of Sport Visualisation with Study – Peak Performance 

Dive into Peak Performance techniques and how Sports Visualisation can impact your learning.  

Video 14: Beating Anxiety in the Learning Environment – Clearing the Head 

A fitting end to the video lesson, the last episode tackles anxiety and how you can naturally lessen it. Laurie also talks about the importance of being in the present moment and how it affects learning. 


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