Owning and operating an RTO has great rewards and even greater challenges, especially when managing the day-to-day operations. Here at TotalVET Training Resources, we see first-hand how stressful these everyday tasks can get.

RTO staff need to painstakingly encode records, schedule classes, handle student and trainer information, create invoices, take care of payments, and so much more. It’s overwhelming even just listing them out.

At first, these tasks seem simple, but once they pile up, they start to get monotonous and human errors naturally occur, sometimes at the worst times. It takes a toll on a team which is why having a Student Management System (SMS) is essential for RTOs, whether big or small, to meet their full potential.

Imagine having a tool that can do most of the heavy lifting while you and your team focus on more important aspects of running an RTO. That’s where eSkilled SMS comes in. It has incredible student management system features that provide RTOs with everything they need to run their RTO.

eSkilled SMS, Australia’s #1 Complete RTO Software Solution

We at TotalVET Training Resources know how vital a holistic software solution is for RTOs. It’s why we’re so happy that our partners at eSkilled developed Australia’s only complete RTO software solution— Student Management System (SMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and e-Learning all in one!

As an RTO, you’ll have everything you need to manage the business and deliver training in one convenient location. What eSkilled gives you is an RTO solution that can do it all—from internal processes to training delivery.

What can eSkilled SMS do?

What can eSkilled SMS do?
Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s break down the incredible student management system features eSkilled SMS has.


This is the most important feature in any student management system. All RTOs must report AVETMISS and CRICOS data to remain compliant. Using the eSkilled SMS, you can ensure data is compliant with the different states’ and territories’ standards. No more worrying about manually encoding every piece of data and creating a report. The SMS does all the work for you. How convenient is that?

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Handle Online Enrolments & Manage Classes

We can all agree that enrolment season is a stressful time regardless of how organised or well-prepared everything is. You have a lot of students coming in and taking care of all the invoices and payments can be a lot. With eSkilled SMS, you can use the Online Enrolment Form feature and put it straight into your RTO’s website. Start enrolling immediately and accept payments without hassle.

Not only that but with a new semester rolling in, you have to think about creating classes, timetables, assigning trainers, classrooms, and all of that. Doing everything manually can take ages, but eSkilled SMS lets you do all of that in the software— only a couple of clicks, and you’re good to go. You can also track attendance using SMS.

Automate Almost Everything

We cannot stress enough how convenient and useful the eSkilled SMS automation feature is for RTOs. Think about all those simple yet extremely tedious tasks that take up all your time and how with the eSkilled SMS, you can simply automate those workflows. Almost everything can be automated, from student surveys to attendance to enrolment, so you don’t have to worry about them getting done.

It’s so easy to use and, more importantly, it lets you and your team focus on making sure your RTO is running on all cylinders without getting bogged down by these menial tasks. Let your student management system do the work.

Generate Compliance Certificates and Verify USI

We know record keeping has become easier in the digital age, although there are still some RTOs out there keeping physical copies. However, producing compliance certificates can still be tiresome, especially when a lot of students are asking for them all at once. The eSkilled SMS quickly generates compliant certificates and statements of attainment with QR codes to verify authenticity automatically. Plus, you can easily comply with USI requirements by verifying USI with a click.

Secure Data and Cloud Hosting

No need to worry about your data because they’re backed up and hosted on ISO Certified, Australia-based servers. Save up valuable office space by putting your records online, and rest assured that they’re easily accessible anywhere.

eSkilled SMS is Called a Complete RTO Solution for a Reason

eSkilled SMS is Called a Complete RTO Solution for a Reason
What sets eSkilled SMS apart from the rest of the student management systems out there is that it can also be integrated with matching eSkilled LMS and eSkilled e-Learning resources.

Most RTOs have separate software to deal with their training delivery which in my experience can be a hassle. It’s not easy going back and forth between two completely different software to manage your RTO. The eSkilled SMS solves that for you with its fully integrated LMS complete with online assessments, e-Learning, virtual classrooms, rapid course authoring tools, and much more.

You don’t need to figure out separate systems! I cannot stress enough how convenient this is. Everything you need is all packed into one eSkilled SMS and LMS solution saving you and your time precious time and effort.

We’ve also worked with eSkilled so that our TotalVET Training Resources qualifications and units will have matching e-Learning resources. Continue to deliver premium training online and in the classroom with quality training resources and e-Learning resources.

It doesn’t stop at SMS, LMS, and e-Learning, either. With eSkilled SMS’s powerful integration feature, your RTO can connect with other essential programs like XERO, Stripe, and Moodle. You can even use the eSkilled SMS API to connect with so many more applications.

Another cool thing about eSkilled SMS and their team is that they’ll help you migrate data from your previous student management system. A lot of RTOs I’ve spoken to before felt stuck with their current SMS even though it’s not meeting their needs because of all the data they have there, and they don’t have the time to move everything to a new one and that’s never an ideal situation to be in.

The eSkilled SMS team understands the worries of RTOs and makes sure that when you make the switch, it’s a smooth transition through and through. But enough about me gushing about this awesome student management system—I highly recommend getting in touch with them to see this SMS for yourself.

Check out eSkilled SMS today! Visit their website here.

Or get in touch by calling 1300 884811 or emailing enquiries@eskilled.com.au.

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